Stop the arms trade

The arms industry has a tight grip on Europe. The EU wants to allocate more than 40 billion euros to the research, development and procurement of new weapons. Subsidizing an industry which is exporting death and conflict: that won't make the world a better place, on the contrary. The only one who stands to benefit is the arms industry.

How does the arms industry get this done?Come see for yourself how they work, on two of their typical lobby events in Brussels. Where armsdealers and policymakers meet to shape our security and our future.

We're inviting ourselves to their meetings to prevent the lobbyists from doing their jobs. Will you join us?

  • On thursday 23 November (early morning): the annual conference of the European Defence Agency. The EDA advertises it as 'the rendez-vous for decision makers to discuss European defence cooperation. Participation in the annual conference is by invitation only.' The arms industry is a welcome guest, critical voices are not invited.
  • On monday 4 December (early morning) : European Defence Industry Summit

Join the actions:

step 1 : contact us, register via and state clearly which action(s) you want to join

step 2:  we'll send you an email with more information

step 3: invite all your friends to join

step 4: put on your best conference-outfit and come to the briefing in the morning, from where we'll go to the lobbyevent together.

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